Here are just a few of the heartfelt thanks I’ve gotten over the years from happy and fulfilled clients: 


When I first met Oskar I had never heard of an energy healer and didn't know what to expect. I was experiencing poor health, crippling anxiety, and low energy. When traditional methods weren't helping much, my naturopath recommended I see Oskar. She helped me uncover a lot of subconscious beliefs that were manifesting physically, and holding me back in my work and life. Since seeing Oskar, my health improved, my anxiety cleared, panic attacks stopped (I was able to successfully go off Zoloft and Klonopin) and I regained the energy to do the things I love. In turn, I started getting more freelance illustration work. Oskar has given me the tools to find the gift in every situation. She has helped me build my confidence and see that I can create the life I want, to know that if I don't like something or I am unhappy with a situation, I have the power to change it. She has showed me that it's okay to love yourself and acknowledge your own awesomeness - because when you do, awesome things happen and everyone around you is happier too 😊 


Carly Larsson, NY, NY


 "I am most certainly, a skeptical person, especially if anyone claims to be able to help me with whatever problems I might have. I don't claim to understand how the session with Oskar works. Maybe its energy healing. Maybe it's just informed intuitive counseling. But, whatever it is or however it works, I have seen dramatic change in my life because the work I am doing with her. From removing my blocks to success and motivation, healing broken relationship pain, to the most amazing and measurable weight loss of my life, I have seen what this work can do.  Since we've been working together, I went from the couch to training for a marathon, losing over 25 pounds, and down two pants sizes so far! Oskar is a sensitive and understanding person, who is easy to talk to, and is definitely helpful in facing and changing the negative thought patterns. Very helpful in getting out of your mind and into your life!
I highly recommend that you take a chance and book a session with Oskar. You will not regret it."

Brian S Kalata
Los Angeles, Ca.

"I wanted tell you how grateful I am for the way you've changed my life! Yesterday I got my period for the first time in 5 years! A week after our session. I can't believe it. SO grateful!!!!!"

 Rosie S.Melbourne, Australia


I created a lot of damage unhappiness, broken/ruined relationships (both professionally and personally) and was in and out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. I always seemed to get into the same situations with the same type of people. Oskar lovely showed me my patterns and how to change them.. Oskar has given me powerful processes and techniques to reach my goals and most importantly to relax and KNOW it’s all good. I have the ability to enjoy my daily life, to be grateful, to be happy, to give more, and to thrive – not just get through the day.


-Mark Walker, NY, NY





When I met Oskar, I had been on pharmaceuticals daily for nine years of my life for ulcerative colitis, and I struggled with issues of anger, depression, and a lack of confidence and focus—which is what I attribute to the cause of my digestive problems.  

Although I was already acquainted with Oskar and her family, I was unaware of her profession. She told me she was an energy-healer one night, and me, being open-minded (but also being skeptical after meeting many false New Age therapists), decided to test her. I asked her to tell me if she could explain what was wrong with me.  

she told me something about my personal life in detail that I had never told anyone before, and which was causing me great stress. I was floored, to say the least, and I agreed to try out a session.  

The day after my first session, I found myself feeling much more confident and positive and my body seemed to be free of pain, so much that I began decreasing the dosage of my drugs. I had four sessions in a week and by the end of it, I had gone from 12 pills to five. Previously, I had been on 12 pills daily for over three years and I had never been able to take as few as five within the last seven years without getting sick. I am now completely off the pharmaceuticals and I feel worlds more confident, focused, and positive.  

Furthermore, I would like to add that Oskar showed a genuine concern, compassion, and analysis on a personal level to me as a patient which I have found rarely occurred in the professional medical world of the three countries where I have resided. Working with her is one of the best decisions I've made in years."

Jonas Blume San Francisco, CA


"Here is a synopsis of some of the outstanding changes that occurred in my life after my therapy session with Oskar:

1. The main issue I went to see Oskar about was the difficulties within my marriage! After I left my first session with Oskar, she mentioned that the relationship would change. The very next phone call was from George; he said stuff to me completely unprompted that I have wanted to hear from him for about two years. There was literally a lightening speed change in relationship with my husband, and our relationship has never been better. We are getting along so well and I am so so much happier! 

2. I suffered from eczema all my life. Oskar told me this would go too! For the first time in thirty-four years it left my body completely, along with my anxiety. 

3. My frown disappeared! I think it was there from years of grief to do with relationship with my mum. I also lost weight and many people continue to say I actually look different. 

4. My relationship with my daughter improved immediately! Still amazing! 

5. My water-confidence for mums and babies business has greatly improved!" 

Paula, Manchester, UK


When I met Oskar, I was in a transitional period in my life and had just finished a 15 year long relationship. I was often anxious, had a tranquilizer addiction and was struggling with mood swings. Seeing Oskar was a hell of an experience!  She went straight to the core of the problems in my life. I wasn’t used to exposing myself in such a vulnerable way. She confronted me with my childhood traumas and painful events I had completely banned from my mind. It was confronting, but I knew deep inside she was very right. Eventually I relaxed, let her do the “work” and together we dug deeper into my emotional reactions and traumas. 

We achieved outstanding results.  

1. Oskar made me aware of my intolerance towards other people. I’ve always had this little touch of superiority over me. But it didn’t make me loved by other people in my surrounding environment, quite the opposite actually. And I suffered from it, because I wanted admiration from everyone. We changed that. I have become less judgmental and I accepted a wider variety of people in my life. And it makes me much happier. I don’t need admiration anymore. In the last few months, I have been in touch with old friends/colleagues I hadn’t seen in 10 + years. I make new friends very easily. I realized that a friend is a gift you give yourself.  

2. I am much more comfortable with being alone, without feeling lonely. Before I felt anxious when there was nothing exciting on the horizon. I had a constant need for constant physical exercise, or worse, I had the need to take tranquilizers or smoke weed, to fight anxiety and boredom. I had a need to be surrounded by loved ones to feel safe and secure. Oskar made my aware of my behavior patterns, and changed in a very gentle way. I am safe by myself now. This change has had a massive impact on my life! I now advance confidently in the direction of my dreams, and things around me fall in place. What more could you possibly wish for??"

Paul, UK


The sessions we have had helped me with honoring myself more, standing up for myself emotionally, speaking my truth and showing vulnerability (opening up my heart without fear). They have also helped me to live my life as I see fit and not look over my shoulder or entertain self doubt.

Tom Bellucci, Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Oskar and I met in 2000; she's always been one of the most enlightened, loving women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She intuits and "sees" what most can't; I witnessed many of her readings back then (including my own) and saw how her insight and infusion of pure love and light helped people deepen their self-awareness and make life-affirming choices and decisions. 

In my work with her in the recent past, I've felt firsthand the undeniable shift of energy—believe me, it's palpable...complete with temperature changes and overall buzzing! 

Here are some of the near-immediate results from my last session

1) My workload (on all fronts) and paydays keep increasing, and my clients and colleagues are awesome, like-minded people.

2) I'm quickly recognizing when I'm coming from a place of love—or a place of fear or lack—and get back to L-O-V-E.

3) I'm much more aware of being in gratitude and thanking people, which feels so good.

4) My singing voice (I'm a singer, voice/performance coach and author) feels centered and unstoppable.

5) My teaching/intuitive skills are more attuned—I’m "reading" my clients more accurately and quickly which heightens their 'a-ha' moments.

6) My meditations and visualizations are deeper and clearer, as is my own psychic sense."

    Jaime B.  Nashville TN


"Oskar is amazing.  She awakened my spirit and guided me back to my natural being where Im met to be in life. I was stuck in a negative spot in life. A viscous circle filled with fear,anger,anxiety, poverty and just mentally unhealthy all around. My first meeting with Oskar cleared any blockages that weren't allowing for me to change to get out of the madness I believed I was meant to stay in. She also taught me about manifestation, laws of attraction,raising energy frequency.  Initially I saw no change,  but then little by little subtle changes occurred. My thought pattern changed and started attracting like minded people that brought with them opportunity. I learned through Oskar to shed my ego and become true to myself. And life will just happen the way its meant to be...joyous. Im no longer struggling in life with things I thought were major issues. Im learning through love and compassion that life is what you make it, that can be anything I wish.

I so appreciate the awakening state Oskar lead me to. She is a genuine angel and now Im happy to call her my spiritual mentor. "


Amy Miller, NYC