Hey there! My name is Oskar.
That means I help you:

  • Cut through the box that’s keeping you contained (because you’re fabulous and deserve happiness).

  • Shift your perception and belief systems so you can heal and transform.

  • Recognize and joyfully view life’s challenges as opportunities.

Oskar Saville is an Intuitive Life Coach with over a 20 years of experience of helping others to find the joy and happiness in their lives. Her experience as the Lead Singer for 10,000 Maniacs makes her the perfect person to help other Artist, Musicians and Actors understand that awesomeness that they are and how to live that fully in their lives and their art.

Applauded by both business leaders and spiritual luminaries, she is best known for facilitating change in her client’s lives and helping them achieve their dreams. Louise Hay, founder of Hay House publishing, has said of Oskar’s sessions: “She is always helpful, accurate, and a lot of fun.” Oskar currently leads workshops and gives one-on-one sessions in New York City. 

Oskar is the creator of  THE AWESOME THING and  40 DAYS TO LOVING YOURSELF.

I believe that the fulfillment we all seek is possible—if we’re willing to release the thought-patterns that keep us stuck. 

I believe that you are truly perfect, right now. You don’t need to be “fixed”, and your life matters — more than any of us can fathom. 

I believe that the whole world would transform if we could see that we’re more powerful than our traumas and illnesses. 


Along the way, life unraveled a bit. Well — my marriage did, as well as my peace of mind. (It took a hike when I decided I was supposed to the perfect super-mom and bread-winner.) 

During that time, I realized something astounding. I had created all of it. The stardom, the marriage, the car crash. The gifts, the losses, the difficulties, the laughter. And I had created all the beliefs and ideas that led me to all the manifestations in my life.

It was all me. All of it. Even though a part of me had known this all along, it wasn’t until this realization that I shifted into a new paradigm of being and helping to heal others. 

After rigorous study into different spiritual modalities, my readings and healing took on a new level of expansion.  And after I had shifted into a life of wild-hearted acceptance for every present moment…and was able to fully step into the reality that every difficulty was an opportunity…I began to help others shift out of their pain and release it.

Not just recognize, not just gain perspective, not just reveal fun psychic “facts” about that person’s life. But really shift. And really release suffering.

And really change their whole lives, if that’s what they wanted.


You’re probably asking yourself: 

“Alright Oskar — how are so you so sure of all this stuff?” 

Let me tell you. 

As a young woman, I had already dealt with the life-altering experiences of being homeless in NYC and emerging from a near-death experience with psychic abilitiesSothat was crazy. From this vantage point, I knew two things: 

1. I was stumbling into this gift of major clairvoyance and could facilitate emotional and physical healing for others.

2. I wanted, very deeply, to find my voice and my path in the world.

And then I did. 

It was terrifying. And exhilarating. After living coast to coast and abroad as a professional singer I was catapulted to rock-stardom as the lead singer of 10,000 Maniacs (post-Natalie Merchant). (Yeah, it’s true. My soul wanted to really dig into life this time around.)

Fast forward: singing to an arena of 50,000 people was powerful, heart-expanding, joy-spreading work — but it wasn’t my path anymore. I married, had my amazing kids, and left the band.