The Shift Sessions:  A Break in Your Normally Scheduled Programing. 

Each of us holds a universe of our own truths, wisdom, and answers. 
And inside of that dark, star-filled place there lives a larger perspective — gems of insight that help us understand the perplexing experiences of our lives. 
While it’s possible for everyone to access this place of pure potentiality, we’re often closed off to it.
So, we make decisions and lead our lives based on thought-patterns that no longer serve us. We suffer in our bodies from illness, re-live tragedy, get frustrated, feel disconnected from ourselves, and ultimately—feel like life is unfair, hopeless, or confusing. 

I get it. 
But you’re here because you know that life— the life you can feel thrumming in your deepest self — the life of fulfillment, peace, and happiness — is possible. 
My gift and talent is to get into that place — that dark universe of YOU— and feel into truths and wisdom about your story and your life that are currently out of reach to you. Together, we literally transform unresolved blocks that are holding you back. 

That’s What the Shift Sessions Are All About. 

How It Works:
We Explore: your current difficulties, personal and health history, and beliefs that might be holding you back.
We’ll Reveal: how these are at play in your life and subconscious, the inherent gifts they hold, and why they came into existence in the first place. 
We’ll (Seismic) Shift: Through my intuitive abilities, we’ll tweak the blocks that are holding you back and release you into a freer, lighter version of who you truly are. You’ll get the opportunity to see that every difficulty, every obstacle, and every joy is a gift — and to live in that reality. 
You’ll Progress: During our session and for the following weeks, your life will change in ways that are directly related to the shifts we made; often resulting in a new outlook and different circumstances. 




All of these therapies can benefit people with a wide range of conditions including:

• Asthma
• Allergies
• Back pain
• Cancer
• Conditions connected with the central nervous system
• Chronic fatigue
• Depression and anxiety
• Eating disorders
• Migraines and headaches
• Muscular and joint problems
• Sinus problems
• Sleep problems
• Stress related conditions
• Stomach problems
• Physical and emotional pain
• Personal trauma


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Ok, but how does it really work, Oskar? 

Ha! I saw that question coming since you started reading. Because I’m psychic.
Just kidding! It’s a totally valid question.
With (and only with) your permission, I go into that place I talked about earlier — your personal universe — and have a conversation with the “you” that’s unbounded by ego and all the trappings of the ego: negative emotion, confusion, expectation, attachment, and so on. This deeper self of yours is very wise, and knows very well what your soul wishes to learn and experience in this life. 

I receive auditory and visual information on what needs to be shifted, ask you if you can see it in this perspective, and then together we shift what needs to be altered in order for you to see a change in your life’s circumstances. This work is deep and focused — but if you’re willing to be open and accepting, transformation happens in a surprisingly easy and swift way. 

The change is usually felt immediately, with subtle to powerful changes right after the session and on into the next few weeks. 

This is for you if:
 - You want insights and new perspective on the subconscious influencers affecting your life right now. 
- You’re ready for change or transformation — and realize that it might look different
that it might not look the way you thought it would. (Oh, but it will be just as juicy, if not more!)
- You’re willing to take responsibility for what you’ve created in your life.  

The Shift Sessions are a journey within the life you’re currently experiencing. 
Life is an ever-unfolding, ever-evolving process. 
What it evolves into — that’s up to you. 
This is true power.
Sound great? Thought so. Let’s go. 

You were born with two things: belly button and your awesomness
— Oskar Saville