Working with Oskar is nothing short of miraculous…I thought I knew myself and that I was successful, on many levels; however, not to the degree I really wanted my life to be. Oskar lovingly and patiently helped me see my fear and how it was totally ruling my life. As abandoned child, given up at 5 years old, I became an adult who lives my life with great fear and insecurity. I was able to build a big life, however, I created a lot of damage unhappiness, broken/ruined relationships (both professionally and personally) and was in and out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. I always seemed to get into the same situations with the same type of people. Oskar lovely showed me my patterns and how I have created it all. Oskar, also lovingly endured my resistance. I was passionately living in the dark. I was convinced believed and thought it was other people causing my problems. Oskar showed me my limited thinking, and actually healed me… Her ability to communicate and help me see myself and learn about myself and reality, is extraordinary.

I have studied with many high profile spiritual teachers, however, I consider Oskar to be the most grounded and solidly rooted in reality. Oskar is a teacher with great wisdom and compassion. Her approach and commitment to me has given me what I have never had in this life- real spiritual love. Oskar has given me powerful process and technique to reach my goals and most importantly to relax and KNOW it’s all good. I have the ability to enjoy my daily life, to be grateful, to be happy, to give more, and to thrive – not just get through the day. Working with Oskar for me is truly a dream come true.

— Mark Walker, NY, NY