Oskar and I met in 2000; she’s always been one of the most enlightened, loving women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She intuits and “sees” what most can’t. I witnessed many of her readings back then (including my own) and saw how her insight and infusion of pure love and light helps people deepen their self-awareness and make life-affirming choices and decisions. In my work with Oskar, I’ve felt firsthand the undeniable shift of energy—believe me, it’s palpable...complete with temperature changes and overall buzzzzing!—and the near-immediate results: My meditations and visualizations are deeper and clearer, as is my own psychic sense; I’m quickly recognizing when I’m coming from a place of love—or a place of fear or lack—and get back to L-O-V-E; I’m much more aware of being in gratitude and thanking people, which feels soooo good; My teaching/intuitive skills are more attuned—I’m “reading” my clients more accurately and quickly which heightens their ‘a-ha’ moments;My written pieces flow like breath; My yoga practice feels so much more connected to my own divine source; I’ve started combining my love for singing and yoga into writing music for kirtan;My workload (on all fronts) and paydays keep increasing, and my clients and colleagues are awesome, like-minded people. Oskar my love, you’re EN FUEGO as always—I love you to little pieces and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Jaime