“When I first met Oskar I had never heard of an energy healer and didn’t know what to expect. I was experiencing poor health, crippling anxiety, and low energy. When traditional methods weren’t helping much, my naturopath recommended I see Oskar. She helped me uncover a lot of subconscious beliefs that were manifesting physically, and holding me back in my work and life. Since seeing Oskar, my health improved, my anxiety cleared, panic attacks stopped (I was able to successfully go off Zoloft and Klonopin) and I regained the energy to do the things I love. In turn, I started getting more freelance illustration work. Oskar has given me the tools to find the gift in every situation. She has helped me build my confidence and see that I can create the life I want, to know that if I don’t like something or I am unhappy with a situation, I have the power to change it. She has showed me that it’s okay to love yourself and acknowledge your own awesomeness - because when you do, awesome things happen and everyone around you is happier too”
— Carly Larsson